4 sept. 2014

fabric78: Raresh

Raresh has overseen the 78th edition in fabric's CD mix series. 

The Romanian DJ follows his [a:rpia:r] cohorts Petre Inspirescu and Rhadoo in compiling a fabric CD. (Inspirescu mixed fabric 68while Rhadoo took care of fabric 72). As with those CDs, Raresh's selection will explore the trippier recesses of minimal house, with tracks and remixes from the likes of Amir Alexander, Hakim Murphy and Baby Ford. 

Raresh, who's been playing biannually at fabric since 2008, said: "I made the mix at home with two CD players and turntables and everything came very naturally. For me it is not so easy to make a mix at home without any crowd, but I imagined myself in a fully-packed Room One... I was nervous but this added a bit of spice in the mix." 

The launch party for fabric 78 will go down at fabric on Saturday, October 4th, with Raresh joined in Room One by Craig Richards, Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia. Tickets are available here on RA

01. Renato Figoli - Super Lemon Vapor 
02. Dubtil - Isitor 
03. Papa Sang Bass - Barb Coating Sonnet (Sonja Moonear's Sony In The Sky Remix) 
04. Emi Nescu - Sirius 
05. Amir Alexander - Bittersweet Memories 
06. Dilated Pupils - Lost Evidence 
07. Nu Zau - Bioco23 
08. Hakim Murphy - Vatitio (Murdoc Remix) 
09. Vlad Caia - Codex Voluspa 
10. Mandar - Naughty Mandar 
11. S.A.M. - Third Track 
12. Cristi Cons - Anatrack 
13. Oshana - I See Through You 
14. Topper - Abuelito 
15. Andy Kolwes - Emozionn 
16. VincentIulian - Nemeta (Adsum Remix) 
17. Daze Maxim - Beginning An Ending (Baby Ford Remix) 

Fabric Records will release fabric 78 on October 20th, 2014.
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