27 iun. 2014

[UPDATE] ourown 2.0 // rhadoo // raresh // praslea // kozo // priku // sit live // emi // cote

ourown story started about 3 years ago. we were relatively quiet, but in no way silent. we managed to add a few labels to our resume since then, we constantly focused in keeping the quality of our music high and we brought forward a few upandcoming artists who deserve your full attention, now and in the future.

that being said, we believe there is much more we can do, in fact we strongly feel that the premises for a fresh start have been set. new artists will join the roster, new labels will be born, an exclusive podcast will be launched and not least our shop will gain transparency. and that’s not all.

so in the light of these events we decided it is time to grow up, move on and improve our game with a new hub for all these mentioned above. to celebrate the launch of our new site we felt it is mandatory to throw an epic party with some of our beloved djs and live acts (only one actually:) 

located close to Bucharest, the Baneasa forest is the place we chose for this inaugural event. Surrounded by trees shaped and mapped by Cote’s imagination our own launch party will feature sounds coming from our heroes Rhadoo, Raresh, Praslea, Kozo, Priku, Emi & SIT live. 
to be continued ….

# ourown timetable:
20:00 - 00:00 Praslea & Emi

00:00 - 02:00 SIT live
02:00 - 08:00 Rhadoo & Raresh
08:00 - 12:00 Kozo & Priku

# bilet : 50 RON inainte de ora 02:00

70 RON dupa ora 02:00

# intrarea in incinta federatiei romane de tir sportiv (denumita in continuare FRTS) se va face pietonal
# atat logoul ourown cat si oamenii de ordine va vor indruma catre locul efectiv de desfasurare al evenimentului aflat la aprox 500 metri de intrarea FRTS
# accesul in locatie este interzis persoanelor sub 18 ani precum si celor care au asupra lor materiale pirotehnice, bauturi alcoolice sau substante interzise.
# pastrarea curateniei pe toata durata petrecerii este obligatorie, in acest sens fiind montate cosuri de gunoi in locuri foarte usor accesibile. suntem in natura si incercam sa o protejam.
# ne rezervam dreptul de a ne selecta clientela.

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