9 mai 2014

Lazar Cezar: Om Vedea Ep (2x180g )

         Long awaited understand 004 sees the light of press as a double ep containing 4 tracks from our own Lazar Cezar. Om vedea may well be or not be seen as an album, as each track has it's own individual life, nevertheless you can somehow feel they come from the same source. First disc shows a very dubby side of Cezar. Time en spies is a haunting psychedelic (yet powerful) tool while Sun2216 is an layed down percussive dub track. Disc two is strongly directed to the dance floor. 

        If you were wondering if Cezar can do techno now you've got the answer. Shakeuit is a track that really means business !  Adagium or truism is no stranger to that concept also but tackling the electro chord as well. If you needed something to remember now you've got it !

Release Date: 30.05.2014

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