19 feb. 2014

Local Gathering 2 Years Anniversary @ Guesthouse

Saturday 22 February from: 23:00 / Guesthouse (Popa Nan 82) Bucharest

This Saturday we celebrate 2 years of Local Gathering, a series of parties that managed to gather an audience with a special vibe around it.

In numbers, Local Gathering means over 40 local artists in 8 different places from 3 cities: Bucharest, Iasi and Bacau.

With the anniversary edition, we take a step forward and present you the first foreign artist invited to a Local Gathering party - Federico Molinari from Argentina.

Resident of the well-known Timewarp festival, Federico is a true exponent of the German electronic music scene. Besides this and other gigs, he also runs his own label - Oslo Records, with releases that for sure you had the opportunity to hear from many of the artists you love.

Full line-up:

.:FEDERICO MOLINARI:. (Oslo Records, Berlin)




Video installation by Videogram
Sound system: Funktion One

Picture support: Ouroborusstudio

Afterhours will continue also at Guesthouse on and on...
Entry fee: 5 euros < midnight > 7 euros.
Contests: Check the event wall.
The Guestlist will be available till 00:00.

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