20 mai 2013

Beunderground.ro Podcast 27: MattJoe [Disordine label / Undersound Lab]

Beunderground.ro prezinta cel mai nou podcast al seriei, podcast ajuns la episodul cu numarul 27.Invitatul nostru este Matt Joe, Dj si producator nascut in Italia dar stabilit in Londra, extrem de talentat, care are la activ o serie de releasuri destul de interesante ( Hopping este poate cel mai bun exemplu ).Va invitam asadar la o calatorie de aproxiativ 90 de minute de intre sound-uri ca deep house, house si dub techno.Ca de obicei avem si interviu.Enjoy.


I would love to say vinyl but my collection is still too small to have proper set.
Moreover i didn't release on vinyl yet, so i still consider myself a digital dj and producer looking forward to become both of them.

2.How was your first gig?
My first gig was in Genoa, my own city, and was absolutey one of the best experience in my life.

3.How did your passion for the electronic music start?
My passion for electronic music started in a small vinyl shop in Genoa at the age of 15 called Diskotic, always with my friend Eff Rann from Disordine Label.

4.Some new releases in the near future?
My next release will be with Disordine Label. It will be a groovy and sophisticated ep made featuring the Udersound's resident dj and producer d:Alog.

5.What about romanian underground scene? What do know about it?
5.I've been attracted by romanian sound and scene since i've discovered [a:rpia:r] long time ago.
I've to say that going to Sunwaves in 2010, change completely my way of feeling and making music.

6.Name a track you're not missing out on playing.
Anton Zap - I get deep beat

7. Some words about this podcast
I tried to make it as versatile as possible going from old school house to sperimental break beat, I hope you are gonna enjoy it!

8.Is there any special place you like to play?
Recently I played in Liguria @ East Loft near my city and i think is one of the best club i've ever seen to make party in front of the sea.

9.Some future plans?
I think i'm going to keep on produce music trying to improve my technique hoping to find a vinyl label interested in my sound.

10.Where can we find you in the next few months?
I'm playing soon in London, but Genoa is still the place where usually you can find me.

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