29 apr. 2013

Beunderground.ro Podcast 26 w. Nils Weimann

    Beunderground.ro comes back with the 26th podcast, this time with a foreign guest. He's coming all the way from Germany, the country that developed the biggest succes in techno music.To be more clear, he's living in Frankfurt, a town with a unique musical culture. He is Nils Weimann, DJ and producer, vinyl and electronic music lover. So, we invite you to read the interview with Nils and listen to the newest Beunderground.ro podcast! Enjoy



Definitely vinyl! There is nothing more sensitive and real then pure vinyl sounds on a great soundsystem.I do play cds too when it comes to promo tracks and stuff that hasn’t been released on vinyl.

2.How did your passion for the electronic music start?
I was always impressed by electronic music.  The way it touches people without the classic instruments like drums, guitar, piano or voices.And even more the huge difference you can achieve with just pitching one small thing a bit less or more.
There is nothing more organic then electronic music.

3.Do you remember your first gig?
Yes sure, it was a small private party a bunch of friends and me organized. It was so much fun and a great feeling to see other people dancing with passion to the music I select.

Clubs are to electronic music like churches are to religion, so it was and always will be an important place to celebrate a good party. But I really love the vibe and spirit of daytime events in the summer. Nothing can be compared with openair feelings!

5.What about romanian underground scene? do you know someone in particular?
I love the Romanian sound and it is even the style of electronic music that inspires me the most! And there is really much going on besides the most known guys of arpiar for example. At the moment, Julian groove, sepp and hozoc are my favorites and I am pretty excited what these guys
will release in future!

6.What is your favourite club?
Robert Johnson Offenbach and Fabric London!

7.Some new releases in the near future?
Yes, the Berlin based label Evamore will release an ep of me and my buddy Martin Glowacz in august this year. And there will be a sepp remix also. ;)

8.Where can we find you in the next few months?
I am playing mostly in Germany right now, if you want to stay up to date with my future work and gigs  please visit my artist page on facebook or
the page of the agency I  am working with: offshore-bookings.

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