4 mar. 2013

Beunderground.ro Podcast 23: ANONYM (Bass Culture - Tsuba Records / USA)

Începem prima săptamână a primăverii, dar şi începutul unui nou an de beunderground.ro cu un set special, venit din partea unui artist şi mai special, anume Anonym Dj şi producător cu o vastă experienţă în lumea muzicii electronice. Cum sugereaza si numele lui, nu stim prea multe despre Anonym, doar ca vine din legendarul oras american Motor City, iar adevarata esenta a orasului sau natal poate fi auzita si simtita in muzica lui. Sunete clasice construite cu o atingere moderna. 
Ca de obicei, avem şi un interviu cu invitatul nostru.Enjoy!

English version

We start the first week of the spring and we also mark the beggining of a new beunderground.ro year with a special set that came from a very special artist, Anonym DJ, a producer with a vast experience in the electronic music. As his name suggests, whilst we know very little about Anonym, we do know that he hails from the legendary Motor City, and the true essence of his home town can be heard and felt in his music. Classic sounds constructed with a modern touch.

As always, we also have an interviu with our guest. Enjoy!


1. What do you prefer? vinyl or digital? Name, from your point of view, one advantage and one disadvantage for each.
I prefer the sound of vinyl and the physicality of it as an object. The advantage to vinyl is obvious it is a tangible thing that will most likely be around long after any of us is on this earth. Disadvantages are obvious and also related to it being a physical object. That is it is heavy and it takes up space everyone with a decent size record collection knows that problem. As for digital I don't think I need to list the advantages here as it is pervasive already in our lives digital technology as for disadvantages to digital is too many options. People are their best when overcoming limitations.

2. How did your passion for electronic music started?
I grew up listening to Electrifying Mojo and watching shows on tv like The Scene and New Dance Show. That is where I first got into music that was about the beat and technology. Then as a teenager I was introduced into the underground party scene in Detroit. That was the moment it really started and I caught this bug some of us get to make music, travel the earth, and stand in front of all you to make you lose yourself in the sound and dance until the sun has long since come up...

3. We are curious to know where the idea for the name "Anonym" came from and the concept behind the name.
The creation of Anonym was an evolution of names. 10 years ago a friend of mine and producer name Roman Debnar and myself started a label combining at the time our two imaginary labels of the time into one real label that would release vinyl. At the time I was using the name Anonymous Recordings as my artist name and had been doing so for a few years already. Roman had been using the name Release Recordings so we combined to create "Anonymous Release" records. Our first release had Roman and another producer Kris Wadsworth on the A side or label side and I did the music for the B side or logo side. Since it was Anonymous Release there was not to be any production or artist names on it. Do to some confusion with the distributers it was being labeled in stores and on sights as just Roman's record which then forced us for the second release to put artist names and in so doing I became Anonym. As for why am I anonymous to begin with? It protects me as an individual and, in my opinion is not necessary or desired to be one of these look at me wanna be rock star types. The music comes first not "fuck me I'm famous" bull shit!

4. Indoor or Outdoor?

5. Is there any EP coming in the near future? If so, give us some details.
I have a few things in the works with some labels I worked with in the past as well as some new partnerships. As for details I hold off on that and let the labels do the announcements when they think it is time.

6. You played in Bucharest some time ago. Describe the experience.
I had a wonderful time! I played there at I think the clubs name is Space for the WeDance crew with my very dear friend D'julz. The party was a blast and then on the way out we both happened to be on the same flight to Frankfurt when we ran into Raresh and Rhadoo on the plane which was nice treat to see them and chat a little.

7. Is there any artist from Romania you know? Do you enjoy someone in particular in this area?
I know Raresh and Rhadoo I also know the boys Eddy and Levii from Vinyl Speed Adjust who I did a remix which came out recently I enjoy what they do.

8. If you were to describe your style with spices, which of them would best summarize it?
Hahahaha for real? Allspice and Oregano if you know what I mean....

9. Name two tracks that you're not missing out on playing.
The tracks I am not missing out on playing I don't know cause do not play them. Which means the tracks are missing out not me...

10. When you're not in the studio or somewhere playing, how do you spend your spare time?
I live my life like anyone else. I spend time with friends and loved ones. I cook and clean. I dress and groom myself like everyone else. Watch tv or movies, read books. Go out drinking or partying. Dance all night long. Go to concerts. I am an ordinary human I swear haha. Music is my passion and the best way to express myself when words fail me.

11. Some words about www.beunderground.ro podcast
This was recorded live at a club in Madrid called Charada at the party Colt a little less then a year ago. It was the closing set of the night and was a fantastic party! I hope you all enjoy the mix that came out of the energy of the dancers that night.

12. Where can we find you in the next few months? some plans for the future?
I will be here and there around Europe some notable gigs are dates lined up for Panorama Bar in Berlin, Rex club in Paris, Berns in Stockholm, and of course my second home Studio 80 in Amsterdam just to name a few. 

13. A message for you fans from Romania.
Hello Romanian fans! I hope you enjoy the mix. I have to say the number one place I am asked when I am coming back to play again by fans is Romania. So make sure you get the bookers and promoters to bring me back! I am waiting for the call and I promise to keep you dancing all night long. 

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