4 feb. 2013

Podcast #21 w/Manuel Schatz

Beunderground.ro comes this week with a guest from Germany, Manuel Schatz, an artist with a pure underground sound coming from Offenbach. So, we invite you to travel through 90 minutes of fresh music along with Manuel Schatz!

1.Vinyl or digital?
Vinyl. Working in a record shop

2.How did your passion for electronic music started?
I found a cd from my brother, it was one of the first mix-cds by sven väth.

3.Do you remember your first gig?
Small club, without monitorspeakers, no one was there, 30 records (my whole collection!!)

4.There's someone in particular that you're interested in from Romania? 
The whole scene is very interessing – some very good talents there

5.Name a track you're not missing out on playing.
Muanda & Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg - Dilderano

6.Is there any special place you like to play?

Everytime when i´m entering robert johnson as a dj or as a guest – it feels special. But of course, there are loads of other clubs where i would love to play. I played last year the first time at club der visionaere and it was great (its the first time that i´ve been there as guest/dj)

7.If you were to describe your style with spices, which of them would best summarize it?

8 Some words about this podcast.

i just wanted to catch the vibe from offenbach, where i live. Its different, in each way – positive/negative.
And i also wanted to do a podcast which you can easily listen at home, just for hanging around or getting warmed up for a night out in the club.

9.Some future plans?
Finish my training at the Freebase-Records Store and try to find time for producing music !

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