15 oct. 2012

Podcast & Interview w. Hakim Murphy

Beunderground.ro prezinta editia cu numarul cincisprezece a podcastului , editie a carui invitat este Hakim Murphy .
Cu aceasta ocazie, va prezentam un podcast interesant, multa muzica de calitate.

Mai jos cateva cuvinte de la Hakim Murphy.Enjoy!

1.Vinil or Digital?

For my musical purposes I use all formats available to me as technology is here to help me present music. Now when I dj I prefer to play vinyl but when on tour I have to bring cds for weight purposes, plus I like to try unreleased music to see how it works on the dance floor.

2.If vinil, why you consider that vinyl it's superior?

I like vinyl more because of the feel of actually playing records. I also think the sound quality is a warmer, plus there is quality control with vinyl as some people burn mp3s of youtube which sonically sound horrible most of the time.

3.We know that you were a dancer, do you still love to dance?

Yeah, I still like to dance as I have been practicing more lately, so that is something I will always do as much as possible.

4.How did you start playing music as a DJ?

Basically I got tired of hearing djs playing the same records over and over again at parties, so I began djing, and then I moved into production. Probably a natural calling for me, since I have always been interested in music.

5.Where is your favorite place to play music? and why?

This is a hard question to answer, I guess I do not have a favorite place to play, I just like to play whenever I get a chance.

6.What's your latest news from the production studio?

I make music to help with my mental state as I use it for meditation and therapy purposes. New EPs coming soon are Darkness EP on Sound Black, Examplars EP on Machining Dreams, Astrodynamics EP with Ike Release as Innerspace Halflife on Episodes materializing within the next month of so.

7. You played a party in Romania, in June. Can you tell us a little about that experience?

Romania was really special party for me, it was my first international gig and I enjoyed the crowd and the people immensely. I enjoyed learning about the culture of Romania and meeting so many nice people.

8.Some words about your recording for beunderground.ro.

As per my usual podcast flow, I just got a bunch of new records from friends, associates, and distributors; along with some of my releases, so put down a mix of these tunes that I was feeling at the time.

9. If you had to characterize your style with spices, that would be?

Chilli pepper because of the music selection, and sugar because of the long blends.

10. And, at last, some words for your fans in Romania?

Enjoy the mix, and hopefully I will be back soon to share some good music with you all again. Also check out the Chameleon parties jumping off in Bucharest, the locals djs are playing some nice music... Much love Romania.

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