20 aug. 2012

Podcast & Interviu Valentino Kanzyani

Beunderground.ro revine cu un nou episod al podcastului.Invitatul acestei editii este Valentino Kanzyani, artist ce nu mai are nevoie de nicio prezentare.Enjoy.


1.Vinyl or Digital?

Both, the technology is here to use but not abuse for my case.. I use vinyl and CDs to play music and its a very good combination..It completes my sets and enrich them. For unreleased tracks and rare vinyls or just to not be able to carry so many vinyls CDs are the best option, you still have a physical object to deal with and physically move it and play and have some skills to mix it.

2. How started your Dj'ing career?
I was into DJin since a very young age -  I was in a club where a brother of my school friend was playing and we got there very early and could get in to check out the place and I saw those people dancing on early house and acid house music and wanted to know who is making them do all of this crazy moves on the dance floor, before that I just saw bands performing music and for me this was something of a totally different perspective, to see just one guy with some wierd instruments " two technics and a mixer  hehe" to control the music and make the vibe with it.. !!This happened when I was 12 year old than it took me 3 more years of research and hard work to get my first gig..

3. Is known that you are very very familiar with romanian scene, how you feel when you come back in Romania?
Like coming to a very friendly and familiar place, I have made a lot of friends in all this years and coming back is always a nice for me..

4. You were present at Sunwaves in may and recently at 12 hour dance marathon in july, how it was for you this experience?
Very good, the people in Romania really like good music and are not so into commercial house or hard stuff as in other places.. So playing in RO its always special for me..
It feels me with energy to have a nice and happy crowd that enjoys what I do in that precise moment. It is also much more challenging as the romanian DJs are of a higher
quality and the people on the dance floor are therefore highly educated..  So its perfect for me..

5. Any gigs in Romania in autumn?
I play in Galati on the 7th of September but this is still a summer gig.

6. We can expect an EP signed Valentino Kanzyani in future?
Sure, my second EP from my album Love & Gratitude is due to be out end of August on Cadenza.

7. If should characterize your style with spices, that would be?
Too difficult as I love to experiment as in the music in the kitchen and I use always different flavours to get something new out of it.

8. Some words about this podcast for beunderground.ro
I used some old stuff from end of 90ies beginning of 2000 and some unreleased tracks I got from my friends to make a 80 minutes trip that just happened spontaneously..
Not much planning behind.. Let the music speak.. Enjoy..

9.At last, some words for your fans from Romania:)!
Focus on simple things, Love and Music.. Va Pup

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