23 iul. 2012

Interviu & Podcast Chris Simmonds

Beunderground.ro aduce in atentia ascultatorilor nostrii, cu ocazia celui de-al noualea episod, un invitat cu totul special, si anume, CHRIS SIMMONDS.Artistul englez, nu mai are nevoie de nicio prezentare, aratandu-si valoarea cu fiecare gig sau podcast realizat.Dovada fiind petrecerea care a avut loc cu putin timp in urma la Mountain Beach, unde alaturi de Hector Moralez au intretinut multimea pana dimineata.Asadar Chris ne-a raspuns si la cateva intrebari, interesante spunem noi, pe care le gasiti mai jos.
Cum deja am vorbit prea mult, va invitam sa ascultati podcastul lui Cris Simmonds pentru beunderground.ro.Enjoy!

Hello Chris!

1. Vinyl or Digital?

Both I would have to say, I love playing vinyl as that's my first experience of spinning but on the other hand technology is constantly moving and if you want to keep up with the times, there are some great records that are only available as a files, if I want to play them I have to embrace technology.

2. How started your Dj'ing career?

My career as a DJ started when I was about 13, a few friends from high school and I put together a sound system playing house parties in the mid 80's I was in charge of supplying Soul, Funk and Hip Hop which I used to mix up live. My international DJ started in 1994/5 just after the birth of Cross Section Records I was with the NRK agency briefly, I remember being in the studio and I got a call asking how long would it take me to get to the airport as the DJ (Derrick Carter) booked for a night in the M1 stuttgart could not make it, I could obviously and that's how my International career started.

3. Recently you played in Romania, what do you feel when say Romania?What do you say about our scene?

For me right now the House scene in Romania is new and fresh and the people know good music it's always a great feeling knowing you're going to drop a new cut in the club and the response is exactly what you expected and more, I've had some of the best times of my DJ life in Romania, the people are very warm and welcoming.

4. Some other gigs in Romania this summer or autumn?

I am in talks constantly with organisations for further bookings, so I'll be back in Romania soon for sure.

5. Where is the perfect place for you to play music...club or outdoor?

I don't have a preference as long as the sound is loud and clean, and the people are enjoying themselves.

6. We expect some new EP from you in future?

Of course I'm always working on new projects, for Cross Section and other labels right now I have a release on WNCL label called Coming On Strong, the re-issue of Rush n Soul on vinyl with a remix and new track for Cross Section, a new ep for Robsoul for late summer and my debut LP Adventures In Mechanical Funk which has been on back burner for some time.  

7. If  should characterize your style with spices, that would be?


8. Some words about this podcast for beunderground.ro

I think this mix defines how I last played in Romania a few weeks ago, I had a great time with Hector Moralez, Kosta and Alex at Mountain Beach, and I hope this comes across for the listeners and supporters of my music. Thank you for your continued support and keep it Houseproud! 

Many many thanks Chris.

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